into the wild

For the past several years, I’ve been very focused on the “adventure” side of things: being brave, challenging myself, and trying new things. Lately, though, I’ve started digging more into the “wild”—not in the “let’s go crazy” sense but more like tuning into what it means to be in the wilderness (literally and metaphorically) and to love and respect wild places.

In 2018, I want to explore the topics of environmentalism and realistic ways to live more sustainably. I want to dig deeper and find a different angle of approaching the topics and issues that matter most to me. More than anything though, I want to focus more on writing.

Visual content is something I love. I’ve always had a natural eye for what looks good, and I enjoy creating and sharing that with others. Lettering, illustration, photography—they all bring me joy, and I will continue doing them. It’s satisfying to wrestle with a design or a photo edit and finally get it just the way I want it. But writing? Writing is more than satisfying; it gives me a purpose and meaning. It’s my voice; it’s how I think and process and push my heart out into the world. It’s something I have to do, the one thing that I always, always come back to, no matter what other hobbies or interests I pursue. It’s maddening and more often than not, I hate the actual process of getting words down on paper. Yet when it all comes’s magic. There is nothing else like it, and I don’t think I’ll find that kind of fulfillment anywhere else.

Here is where I feel most natural and free. This is where I’m in my element. I needed to expand and get out of my comfort zone; those lessons gave me courage and strength that I needed to grow. Now, though, I feel a tug back to my roots: words, mystery, and taking things at a slower pace in order to process more deeply and offer more meaning. Somehow, entering the wilderness feels a whole lot like coming home.

Originally published on Adventure & the Wild.

Brittany Stoess