Lately, I've struggled to find balance:

  • Love of travel + adventure vs. contentment + staying present
  • Healthy engagement + creativity on social media vs. the mental space of staying unplugged
  • Meaningful, collaborative nonprofit work vs. independence + freedom
  • Pouring myself into others vs. taking care of myself

It's hard when all the conflicting things are good and needed. It's hard to prioritize when they all feel so necessary. I don't have the answers, but I am learning.

I'm learning to not let what I'm "in the mood" to do be my guide, but also to discern between flighty feelings + deeper intuition of what I actually NEED.

I'm learning the value of both structure and going with the flow of everyday life. Too much structure and I feel rigid and joyless; too much flow and it's a chaotic mess.

I'm learning that I need to engage in both dreaming AND doing. Generating ideas is wonderful and a key part of who I am, but it's only when I take action that I truly feel fulfilled.

Structure/flow. Journey/destination. Both/and. Most of life isn't either/or, and it's not all that neat or linear. The more I learn, the more I think that maybe finding + maintaining balance isn't a thing; rather, it's a constant push/pull between all of what makes life so rich and beautiful. Instead of balance, we find wholeness instead.

Brittany Stoess